You often witness power cuts and would like to help Feowl ? It’s very simple.


If you sign up directly on the web platform :

1 – Go to ACCOUNT and click on SIGN UP

2 – Fill in your name, e-mail and chose a password. Then chose how often you want to contribute.

If you sign up using SMS :

1 – Send REGISTER to 88002014 and you’ll receive a message from Feowl

That’s it ! You’re a member of Feowl’s change makers community !


If you wish to report a power cut on Feowl website :

1 – Click on CONTRIBUTE TO Feowl, and fill in the form

If you wish to report a power cut using SMS :

1 – Feowl will send you a SMS at 8.30 am everyday, once a week, or once a month, depending on the frequency chosen upon registration, asking if you’ve witnessed a power cut. Please do not submit any reports before Feowl has sent you a SMS.

2 – If you witnessed one power cut, reply PC followed by the location of the power cut and the duration in minutes. Ex : If you’ve witnessed a 30 minutes power cut in Bali, reply PC DOUALA1 30 (because Bali is in Douala 1)

3 – If you’ve witnessed several power cuts and wish to report them, reply PC followed by the different locations and durations of each power cut. Please make sure to separate them with commas. Ex : if you’ve witnessed a 30 minutes power cut in Bali, then a 50 minutes powercut in Akwa, and a 10 minutes power cut in Maképé, reply PC  DOUALA1 30, PC DOUALA1 50, PC DOUALA5 10

4 – If you had no power cut at all, send in PC NO

Not sure which arrondissement you're in? Check out this list!


To receive instructions on how to report a power cut, send HELP to 88002014.


To unsuscribe and stop receiving news from Feowl, send STOP to 88002014.